Terms and Conditions


1.1 UK Orders
UK residents can place an order through pyranha.com for delivery to a participating Pyranha dealer.

1.2 Non-UK Orders
To order a Pyranha Kayak in another region, please contact your Local Dealer.


The information presented on this website is provided as a guide only, and no representations or warranties of any kind are made as to the completeness, accuracy, availability, or suitability of this information or any products or services referenced within. We make every effort to ensure this website is available, correctly functioning, and accurate, however we are unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damages arising from, or connected with, the use of this website

2.1 Colours
Due to variations in monitors and the way in which colours are displayed on them, actual colours may vary slightly from those that appear on this website, and so these should be treated as a guide only.

Splash colours are added by hand during the moulding process, and as such, each splash pattern is truly unique. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fulfil specific pattern or colour distribution requests, and order cancellations on the grounds of the resultant mix of the selected colours will not be accepted once the kayak has been moulded.

2.2 Volumes
Any volumes presented on this website are approximate and provided as a guide only.

Wherever possible, we’d strongly recommend demoing before purchase, being sure to pack the boat as you would on an average trip.

2.3 Weights
Weights presented on this website are averaged and may vary due to the nature of the production methods used.

Boat weight is also impacted to various degrees by custom options, accessories, and our continual development and improvement of materials, processes, and components.

2.4 Paddler Weight Ranges
Paddler Weight Ranges listed alongside each model and size of Pyranha Kayak on this website are estimated and offered as a guide only.

These Paddler Weight Ranges relate to the weight of the paddler, plus any kit worn on their person (i.e. Buoyancy Aid, Helmet, Dry Suit, etc.). The weight of any gear stored in the kayak is excluded, but the Paddler Weight Range is influenced by this.

As a general rule of thumb, the average paddler will find access to the greatest variety of performance characteristics in any particular kayak towards the middle of its Paddler Weight Range.

In Creek and River Running designs, some paddlers may wish to choose the next size up for extra buoyancy and stability in extreme whitewater or to allow for the weight of additional gear carried on multi-day trips.

Paddlers considering Crossover designs may choose a larger size for extra gear capacity and more room to stretch on longer trips.

Beware that although a larger kayak can be more stable, it may also be harder to control.

More experienced paddlers may choose to be closer to the top of the weight range in Freestyle and Freeride designs for easier trick initiation and an overall increase in playfulness; conversely, some choose a size up in Freestyle designs for extra ‘pop’ and height when performing aerial moves.

Due to these complexities, and the additional influence of paddler skill and experience, plus water level and feature variations, we strongly recommend demoing before purchase, being sure to pack the boat as you would on an average trip.


3.1 Lead Times
Due to the nature of paddlesports, our lead times fluctuate throughout the year, and any quoted lead times should be considered as estimates given in good faith, not an essential term of contract.

The average production lead time (excluding shipping) is currently 4 weeks (last updated on 09/2022); an approximate lead time for your order will be given once it has been scheduled. Shipping duration is dependent on the delivery schedule of the dealer selected during the checkout process.

If the lead time is critical to your requirements, please contact us to discuss the possibilities before ordering.

3.2 Placing an Order
Once you have added your order to the cart, navigate to the secure checkout page, enter your email and billing addresses, choose the Pyranha dealer you would like your order to be delivered to from the drop-down menu, and then enter your payment card information.

Please be sure to double check the contact information entered for accuracy before clicking the ‘Submit Your Order’ button, as this will be used to deliver an Order Confirmation email, as well as to contact you regarding your order as required by either ourselves or your chosen dealer.

You can choose to pay the full value of your order upfront, or a non-refundable deposit equalling 30% of the total kayak cost (plus the full value of any merchandise, accessories, or spare parts also added to your cart) and have us contact you for payment of the order balance once your kayak is due to be dispatched to your chosen dealer.

Transactions made via pyranha.com are processed securely by our Payment Gateway Partners using the most up to date security standards and technology, and at no point will your payment details be accessible by us.

Upon payment of the deposit, an Order Confirmation email will be sent to the address provided during the checkout process; please check this email carefully for accuracy and notify us of any discrepancies as soon as possible by emailing websales@pyranha.com.

3.3 Changing or Cancelling an Order
If you wish to cancel or request a change to your order, you can do so by emailing websales@pyranha.com; please note that deposits are non-refundable. Unfortunately, some changes may not be possible once production of your kayak has begun.

3.4 Order Collection
As soon as your order has arrived with your chosen Pyranha dealer and is ready for collection, your chosen dealer will notify you by email.

When collecting your kayak(s), it is important that you check thoroughly for any damage which may have occurred during transit, as neither Pyranha, nor our dealers are able to accept responsibility for any such damage notified after collection.


4.1 Orders Place Through Pyranha.com
Kayaks ordered through pyranha.com are built to order to your custom specifications, and therefore cannot be returned, except for where a genuine warranty issue is presented; more information on our warranty and how to initiate a claim can be found on our Warranty Page.

4.2 Orders Placed Through a Dealer
Pyranha Kayaks ordered through a dealer are subject to that dealer’s returns policy.


5.1 Custom Design Rights
By placing a custom order, either through a Pyranha dealer or pyranha.com, you agree that any custom design (including colour combinations) shall be created by yourself, or, to the extent that this is not the case, you confirm that you are authorised to use customisation created by someone else.

You agree that Pyranha will own all intellectual property rights in your custom design, and by submitting your custom design to Pyranha, you transfer all intellectual property rights in the design that automatically vest in you by operation of law to Pyranha. To the extent that such transfer is not valid, you grant to Pyranha an exclusive, fully paid, perpetual, royalty free licence to use your design in the widest sense of the word, including but not limited to copy, edit, modify, publicly display, digitise, reproduce and distribute, and to sublicense (parts of) this right as we see fit.

You agree and understand that you shall have no claim against Pyranha or any other party in the event a design similar to yours is created or used.

5.2 Pyranha's Right to Refuse Customisation
Pyranha reserve the right to decline any custom design after submission, whether this be on the basis that it is considered, in our sole opinion, inappropriate or unacceptable, or for no or any other reason. If we decline your order in this way, you will be notified by email.

5.3 Custom Design Responsibility
Please note; you are solely responsible for your custom design, and whilst we reserve the right to review or decline any customisation, we are under no obligation to do so.


6.1 Data Entered When Placing an Order on pyranha.com
Please note, your contact information will be passed to your selected Pyranha dealer so that they may contact you when your order is ready for collection.

6.2 All Data Entered on pyranha.com
Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on how any data entered on pyranha.com is handled.


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This website and unless otherwise stated, any media or content contained within it, are owned by Pyranha and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without our express permission.


Pyranha makes no representation as to the safety of paddlesports, nor that the purchase of any equipment ensures any such safety. Paddlesports are assumed risk sports by their very nature, and we consider that there is no such thing as a safe kayak, only a safe paddler.